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Is it possible to improve memory by playing games?

Our research has demonstrated that memory does indeed improve. Just how long and what type of memory boosting results are you likely to see? Over a period of 3 months average recall accuracy improved by 36% which is quite astounding given our users spent just 5 minutes every other day. Keep in mind performance varied from person to person. A small number of participants (less than 10%) saw improvements of greater than 50% and perhaps more interestingly all participants saw improvements of greater than 8%. Will these type of memory improvements carry over to other tasks? Research into memory training tends to show that the results carry over when the memory tasks required are similar to those used during training. Working out your arms at the gym won't make your legs any stronger, the best workouts incorporate all of our muscles. Crosswords improve your ability to recall words and do result in improvements in the part of the brain responsible for language processing. Our game is designed to improve your ability to store visual information and improve the capacity of your working memory. We randomize levels in order to ensure you're getting a great memory workout and don't end up storing the patterns of each level in memory.

The science is in and it now demonstrates what many have speculated all along, memory games do work. With regular training the brain like most organs in our body will respond to that training. It's known as Neural Plasticity in the world of psychology and it's why cab drivers have tremendously dense neural connections in the part of the brain responsible for forming our memories, the hippocampus. Conversely the old adage appears to be true. If we don't use it, we lose it. Our free memory trainer game targets memory with the aim of making training so fun you'll want to do it consistently.

What else can I do to improve my memory?

Our advice is to work out all parts of your brain with as many challenging memory related tasks as possible. Cross words, sudoko, memory training games and social discussions with friends on past events are all great ways to improve memory and delay the effects of aging.

Beyond memory games and puzzles there are many things we can adjust to improve our memory including but not limited to lifestyle, diet, exercise, training and other factors.

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