We've moved our gratitude journal into a new project

You can find a gratitude journal and many new features in a new exciting project we've created: My Challenge Tribe

Happier than lotto winners!

Research has demonstrated that people maintaining a gratitude journal are on average 25% happier than lotto winners and continue to be so.

Improved sleep quality

Increasing the amount of positive emotions you experience results in lower overall stress. People practicing gratitude report more restful and deeper sleeping patterns.

Healthier bodies

Whether it's a cause of the gratitude or a resulting effect of improvements in sleep, gratitude improves the health of your body. Polio sufferers maintaining a gratitude journal reported more energy and less pain.

Why should I keep a gratitude journal?

Gratitude is a simple concept with a very profound ability to impact the quality of your life. By developing the habit of gratitude you are training your mind to focus on positive events in your life. You're learning to recognise things you're grateful for and shifting your focus. Without spending a few moments reflecting upon these moments we fail to cultivate positive emotions and begin to take things for granted. Learning to become grateful is a simple skill which doesn't require a great deal or time or money and yet it is arguably the most positive change to your overall happiness you can make. Checkout this Berkeley study of over 1500 participants practicing gratitude.

How does a gratitude journal work?

Simply write down few moments of the day you enjoyed. You can write about an object such as your bike, an experience with a person or even just a concept you're particularly grateful for, like freedom. There are no hard and fast rules, if you want to stick to a schedule of 3 weekly entries you can do so. More is not better, in fact we suggest spending just 5 minutes a week. If you want to make it a daily habit you can do so, simply set your preference in the settings.

Research on how people rate the quality of their life has shown Gratitude to be the most important contributor to enjoying life.