About Me

See My Personality was born out of my interest in the field of psychometrics while studying a degree in psychology. I consider myself primarily a web developer with an ever growing fascination for all things science. All tools and tests are provided 100% free of charge but I may serve adds on the site which will be unobtrusive. I treat the information collected very carefully, please see the security and privacy policy for further information on this. I will occasionally update the tools and tests to reflect new findings in relevant research. If you have a test or research you think compliments please get in touch using the contact form below.

Privacy Policy

I will not and will never sell information you provide to any third parties. I do not contact users unless I have requested permission to do so via email.

I do collect visitors statistics such as referral data and content usage in order to optimize our content. This data is anonymous meaning no personal data is stored. Once again I will never sell this data to third parties.


See My Personality is dedicated to the security of information gathered. I do conduct security reviews and ensure our software is running the most secure and stable versions of any security updates.

Getting in Contact

I'd love to hear from you on Google Plus:

Alternatively you can send an email by filling out the form.